HIXS’ vibrant work culture flows from an ethos of freedom, empowerment and continuous learning. Every teacher or staff at HIXS is empowered through progressive workshops, coaching, mentoring and study missions. The school’s professional development programmes provide our faculty with the tools to exhibit responsiveness and flexibility to a child’s world and changing needs.

The HIXS teacher is the spark that ignites the desire of ‘Learning to Learn’. Our teacher development strategy is underpinned by a continuous commitment to improvement. Promoted and participated in by the school’s leaders, the weekly training programme for all teachers is augmented by specialist national and international development opportunities for teachers. This training is complemented by supportive, shared and devolved leadership that shares in evaluating the effectiveness of student instruction through lesson observation, data collection and coaching support. Great emphasis is placed on teacher collaboration in preparation, planning and delivery.

A hallmark of the schools is its strong leadership and management; the management team boasts of three alumni from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and one alumnus from the Harvard Business School as well as education professionals from across the globe. An in-house team of instructional coaches and curriculum designers work continuously with the teachers inside and outside the classroom to help them hone their practice towards realising their potential. .

With access to some of the best resources and infrastructure in the country, the school constantly focuses on ensuring that the organisation remains responsive to the needs of each of its members; the school has an active staff welfare programme.

HIXS prides itself in working with an energetic and enthusiastic team of teachers, administrative and support staff who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to the table.

For any query, you can a write to joinus@xperientiallearning.org