As students move towards the end of their school journey, we guide students through their college placement process. Choosing a field of study and a corresponding college is often a stressful part of a student’s academic journey and the lack of right guidance and information at the right time only exacerbates the problem. We provide a safe, non-judgemental space for the student to come in with questions, doubts or general questions about the what, where and how of the college application process. The need for the “right fit colleges” for our students is a criterion of utmost importance for us.

We work with students and their families by identifying the student’s interest areas, learning style, courses of interest, geographical inclinations, grades, professorship and financial ability to find the right fit universities. The aim is to build student and parent knowledge through extensive group interactions, workshops and one-on-one sessions for grade 11 and 12 students. We strive to ensure not merely that our students secure admissions at elite institutions of higher learning but they thrive and succeed through their undergrad experience and beyond. We also invite our alumni students and families to connect with our current students and share their experiences to build a community of learners.

We are connected with a network of colleges and universities in India and abroad. Through extensive research on universities, geographies, programmes, courses, professors and the interest of our students, we invite highly rated, elite universities to see our campus to understand our school’s philosophy, speak to our parents and students. We continuously apprise our students of college and university visits in the NCR area and encourage them to visit such gatherings and meets.