At HIXS, we look upon the spaces students learn in as a third teacher; spaces are dovetailed with the curriculum to maximise learning.

Learning is supported by a domain that includes physical surroundings, furnishings, and play materials; the social environment which includes activities and social interactions; and the inner or spiritual environment of thoughts, intentions and imaginations held by the child.

The spaces at HIXS are specially customised and designed to be flexible so that they can be responsive to the changing needs of children and the curriculum, and allow modifications according to lesson plans and classroom delivery. Child-centric spaces translate into classrooms, play equipment and washrooms that are all child-sized and designed to encourage independent use. To ensure the environment is an enabler and does not over stimulate children, a pastel colour palette is used throughout.

It is a safe and secure environment that fosters safe risk-taking and nurtures inquiry. Safety is ensured through zero dark areas, and use of child safe materials in structures, finishes and furniture. All indoor areas are centrally cooled or heated and treated with fresh air to keep pollution at bay.

Free-flowing, modular spaces allow children to think freely and to expand their imagination. They provide the experience of collaborative large-group and small-group activities while small nooks and corners enable solitary activity. Minimal barriers between the outdoors and indoors enhance the feeling of space and closeness to nature.