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Space: The Third Teacher

At Heritage International Xperiential School we believe that spaces play a large role in how deeply children learn, and hence for us, the space is the third teacher. We understand that a child-centric space design encourages independence of thought and action. By making the space learner- and knowledge-centric, we encourage students to take the initiative to access knowledge and information rather than have the teacher pass it down to them.

HIXS Primary Campus

Heritage International Xperiential School

Flexible And Responsive

We have found that physical spaces that are customised and designed to be flexible are much more responsive to the changing needs of children and the curriculum, and allow modifications according to lesson plans to maximize student engagement and classroom delivery. Spaces designed while keeping how children move, think and play in mind will always elicit a more positive response from students. For instance, rather than boxed in classrooms, multi-purpose rooms can be adapted to suit the needs of the curriculum and the tools required as teaching aids.


We feel that the child must be able to exercise choice in different situations. At HIXS, seating is differentiated by the kind of activity a child would like to undertake: sofas, hard-backed chairs, or stools and cushions that can be pulled up to the different-sized tables and benches. Our space design encourages collaborative work in large or small groups but, equally, it focuses on small niches and nooks where a child can retire alone with a book or toy. Specially designed mobile trolleys prompt activities such as gardening, maker space activities or cooking.

Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School


At HIXS, design is used to create spaces that are emotionally inviting and safe. The intimacy and comfort that a smaller building offers contribute a great deal to a child’s emotional security and therefore the ability to be herself; in turn, this fosters safe risk-taking and nurtures inquiry. Smaller areas also lend itself to be custom designed for the needs of its users. In addition, light, acoustics, air quality, zero dark areas as well as use of pleasing colours and child-safe materials in structures, finishes and furniture also contribute to higher engagement.


The aim at Heritage International Xperiential School, ultimately, is to encourage small learning communities. The comfort, familiarity and warmth that a community of, say, 250-300 students, teachers and parents can bring into a learning environment can go a long way into influencing learning outcomes of students.

Heritage International Xperiential School

HIXS Middle and Senior Campus

The Heritage International Xperiential School, Middle and Senior Campus will be located in Sec 58. It is situated on the road to Baliawas from IREO Grand Arch.
This is a state of the art campus with a built-up area of 2,40,000 sq. ft. with facilities for sports, music, art, theatre, makerspace and so on.

Some of the salient features of the campus are as follows:

  •  High ceilings and glass walls for natural light
  •  Treated purified fresh air inside the building
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Makerspace
  • Performing Arts and Fine Arts ateliers
  •  Multi-purpose Hall with seating capacity of >700
  •  Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Two football fields, indoor basketball courts, cricket pitches, badminton etc.

Please Note: The HIXS middle and senior grades currently operate from Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Sec 62. They will move to the new campus in July 2023.

Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School