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  • I am a Gurgaonean

    The objective of this expedition was to nudge our Grade 7 students to acknowledge the diversity that surrounds them by exploring the backgrounds and lives of people in their own community. They captured digital portraits of respondents and learnt how to create a photo journalistic magazine documenting the life-stories of the respondents. In the classroom, curriculum themes across disciplines like Science, Math, Languages and Global Perspectives were integrated into the expedition. The culmination product was an eBook created by students that build a mosaic of portraits that depicts Gurgaon’s transition and how it sits at the intersection of rural and urban and the local and global, by looking at the true diverse cross section of individual stories as “case studies”.  Students were deeply impacted and started taking note of and uncovering the layers and segments that form our community.

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  • Adolescence – Health and Well Being

    The guiding questions for this expedition were -What is health and what all do I need to know about my body, to understand health? What is a disease and how is it caused (Poverty, hygiene, inequality)? What is its prevention/mitigation? Are health services available to all in India? What is the urban vs rural scenario? How do I determine if someone is healthy- physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially? The end-product was an Adolescence Health Guide.

  • Our Origins- Land and Culture

    The big ideas for this 6th Grade expedition were that the geography of a place (rocks, minerals, soil, water bodies, plant and animal life) has a deep influence on the way of life, culture, beliefs and identity of its inhabitants. The guiding questions were – How are traditions/ rituals, beliefs, stories, language connected to the geography and natural resources of a place? How can I use my own cultural context to appreciate other cultures? The end product was a virtual museum with an array of ancient artefacts from around the world, researched by students.

  • Mago Memorial Art Contest

    This initiative aimed at bringing out the hidden artists in the under privileged students. 150 children from 8 charity schools participated with enthusiasm to display their artistic skills. A 3-month long training programme was conducted by the IBDP students in the 8 schools over weekends.

  • Khat Se Uth Kar Aath

    A sports awareness programme, ‘Run Together Grow Together’ was dedicated to marathon running. Students of IBDP trained children from under privileged schools in athletic running. The 2 month long programme included training session during week ends and concluded with a 5 km marathon race.

  • How Green is my School

    The project aimed at familiarizing the learners with the concept of judicious use of the available resources and working towards sustainable development.

  • Bagiya – Outreach To Teach

    The program to teach students of under privileged schools tackling the limitations of resources and infrastructure. Above all the aim remained to generate empathy in the learners.

  • Volunteer for Change

    The VFC project connects parents with students eager to learn who do not have any steady medium to do so. We connect these students from various schools (government schools etc) and facilitate learning through calls by explaining concepts and creating worksheets for deeper understanding. Lesson plans are made by student volunteers and parents and classes are taken over the phone.

  • Greenotopia- Regard B4U Discard

    Students of grade 11 IBDP have initiated an Ecology Sustenance Project to spread awareness about the importance of saving our planet and to put all our ideas to action. To spread the awareness, they have created a project website where they have started initiating discussions and updating blogs. Their most recent initiative includes a forum discussion where they encourage everyone to help spread the word by adding pictures, videos etc. of their green spaces using the hashtag- #GreenSpace.

  • KrAb GDC

    This is an initiative by Abhay Anand and Krish Aggarwal of 11th grade IBDP, to teach students from grades 9 – 11th about the Graphic Display Calculator, which from their experience has been a challenge for many students. They make weekly videos on the various applications of mathematics using technology and also run a website named ‘KrAb GDC’ where they can post resources like practise sheets, and allow a more interactive and engaging experience for students.

  • Spread the rainbows

    Spread the rainbows is an initiative by Sargun Saluja, Arnav Vaidyanathan and Myra Alawadhi. This project has been initiated to ensure that the LGBTQIA+ community can express itself freely and feel proud of their identity. It also debunks myths related to the community and gives sole importance to rebuking homophobia.

  • The Healing Touch Project

    The Healing Touch Project is being led by Aryan Arora along with Aryan Rana, Dhun Nishchal, Satvik Narang and Ananya Saxena. The goal for the Healing Touch Project was to provide food and medical supplies to the Earth Saviours Foundation, located in the Bandhwari Village.

  • Uncloaking History - History Podcast

    Grade 12 History students of the Class of 2022 (Tisya Bharti, Tiesta Dangwal, Tanishqa Bedi, Manan Deo Singh, Avanti Sethi, and Aadya Mitra) present the first podcast of Heritage International Xperiential School – Uncloaking History. This podcast is a casual dialogue between the past and present, aiming to ‘uncloak’ the world of history, covering time periods from ancient to modern in episodes of not more than 40 minutes. 5 episodes of this podcast have been released so far. Each episode includes a thorough background about the topic and immersive discussions about different perspectives, timelines and opinions.

    ‘Uncloaking History’ allows students to share their passion for history and the many components of it while attempting their best to educate listeners about these important events which have played a part in shaping the world in a thought provoking and interactive way. The Podcast will also create an opportunity for younger students to express themselves and participate in this initiative while also aiding them with CAS experiences.

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    What Is History?
  • CAS Journal 2022

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