Students -


Heritage International Xperiential School

Centre of our world

Students are the centre of our world at Heritage. All the choices we make and all that we decide to do are guided by what we believe to be in the best interest of the child. We try to create learning experiences that are truly meaningful and will add value to them as individuals both in the short and the long run. We try to nurture their spirits and show them that they are worthy of love and respect and can achieve anything they put themselves to.

Their opinions and voice are heard intently and they are actively consulted and involved in the process of educating themselves. They are provided multiple opportunities to try, make mistakes, reflect and learn from their mistakes and try again in every sphere of learning. They are given choices so that they know the responsibilities that go along with making choices independently.

They are encouraged to embrace their feelings and build deeper connections with everything around them. The interdependence of the various elements of the world is demonstrated to them so that they are motivated to contribute positively to the larger ecosystem and become active citizens.

Children we believe are individuals who happened to come to Earth just a few years later than us adults and that in no way undermines what they bring to the table either in terms of their ideas or intent. They are the future and how we raise ourselves to raise them will determine the quality of our future. So, the work at Heritage is about raising ourselves as much as it is of providing enriching experiences to the students.

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