Why Join HIXS? -

Why Join HIXS?

Heritage International Xperiential School

Rediscover yourself!

Heritage is a special place and as a member of our community, you will have the freedom to be, to learn and become everything that you hope and aspire to be. With incredible support in the form of training, mentoring, coaching, supportive systems and structures our entire approach for is towards lose control and tight support.

If you are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives, Heritages’ vision of creating a global learning community that upholds the values of authentic learning, empathy, excellence and citizenship would help you fulfil that passion.

Learning Community

A hallmark of the schools is its strong leadership and management; the management team boasts of three alumni from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and one alumnus from the Harvard Business School as well as education professionals from across the globe.

The leadership actively participates in evaluating the effectiveness of student instruction through lesson observation, data collection and coaching support. Great emphasis is placed on teacher collaboration in preparation, planning and delivery.

Heritage International Xperiential School
Heritage International Xperiential School

Professional Development

The school believes in a growth mindset as much for its teachers and staff as for the students. To ensure that faculty and staff are abreast of and have access to innovative techniques of teaching and learning, our teachers go through extensive training and curriculum research every year. Progressive workshops, study missions and the teacher empowerment programmes provide our faculty with the tools to deliver refreshing flexibility and responsiveness to a child’s world and changing needs.

Several of these trainings are led by international facilitators, thought leaders and experts. An in-house team of 32 trainers and curriculum designers work continuously with the teachers inside and outside the classroom to help them hone their practice. Teachers are encouraged to enhance their skills and learning by attending retreats, workshops or request funding and/or support towards training needs identified during the review

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