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Congratulations Grade 12 Batch of 22-23 on your outstanding results in IBDP

HIXS Framework

IB Board School in Gurgaon

At HIXS, education is about deep immersive learning with real purpose that really moves and touches learners so that they confront who they really are and solve real life problems, using the following pillars that constitute our framework.

Experiential Learning

HIXS is a top IB school in Gurgaon where the students approach the natural world and human society through integrated units that emphasise direct experience in real-life contexts.

Design Thinking

We believe that skills to think of a business idea or innovate a product, to develop a business plan, to find ways to raise capital and to bring that product to customers—so critical in today’s

Human FrameworkTM

We consider developing more mindful and socially-aware children as an essential aspect of building a more peaceful world. Students must be provided skills to question and craft their

Deeper Learning

Our education system is a legacy of the First and the Second Industrial Revolutions when the purpose of education was to prepare skilled labour for the factory system. Though

HIXS Difference
HIXS DIFFERENCE Integrated Experiential Programmes All The Way To Grade 12

The structure of the international curriculum allows Heritage to seamlessly integrate learning expeditions through interdisciplinary subjects such as Global Perspectives, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK), all the way to Grade 12 which becomes compromised in higher classes in CBSE.

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HIXS DIFFERENCE College And Career Counselling Programme

Heritage International Xperiential School has invested in and incubated one of the most successful college placement cells in the country. The cell has strategically established relationships with admissions offices of top global and Indian colleges/universities and enabled our students to have access to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in both India and abroad.

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HIXS DIFFERENCE Advisory and Student Support

At HIXS, each student is assigned an advisory group along with a mentor/advisor whose role is to provide guidance, support and resources to aid in the learning process and eventually in the college admission process.

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HIXS DIFFERENCE Mastery Strands & Centres Of Excellence

The core of the curriculum in HIXS is the four vertical strands that every HIXS graduate is expected to master: social-emotional learning, design thinking and maker engineering, research focused reading and writing, and citizenship. These mastery strands are the anchor curriculum to achieve the HIXS graduate profile.

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HIXS DIFFERENCE Student Leadership Opportunities

Education at HIXS not only provides academic progress but also ensures holistic development to make children ready to face the challenges of the world. Over the years, HIXS has developed a system of providing its students with numerous opportunities to pursue their hobbies and passions by engaging in various activities and competitions at national and international levels.

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Student Portfolio
Space- Third Teacher


At HIXS, we look upon the spaces students learn in as the Third Teacher. Spaces are dovetailed with the curriculum to maximise learning.

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