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  • Global Maker Day 2022

    Students at HIXS celebrated Global Maker Day on the 17th and 18th of October’22. The event brought together the joy of making and facilitating learners who solve problems, push boundaries and MAKE!

    Budding makers from HIXS Primary Programme engaged in workshops on indigenous art forms such as weaving, pottery, puppet making and so on which focus on sustainability and gender equality (UN theme for 2022) to create their own prototypes. The students extended their learning to S.T.E.A.M challenges by collaborating with their classmates to create a special product/ solve a problem as a team.

    The spirit of making and failing forward was well showcased by Middle & Senior school students as well. They participated in various experiential learning workshops/challenges such as aero-modeling, smart lamp-making, robotics, simple machines, automatons, and rocketry. The sessions were facilitated by leading experts in the field.

    The event in its second year at HIXS witnessed much fervor and enthusiasm from students who took advantage of this opportunity to learn, share and play along with different Challenges.

    Global Maker Day has initiated a makers’ movement which is all about moving from consumption to creation and these experiences provide the ideal medium for students to express themselves and create meaningful products.


  • Global Cardboard Challenge 2022

    Primary programme students of HIXS participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge 2022 as part of globally curated event ‘2022 Day of Play’. The celebration, hosted by the school's Makerspace team, roots from the success of the documentary movie 'Caine's Arcade’, a true story of the creative mind of a young 9 year old boy Caine. It’s been a decade since the world first fell in love with Caine’s Arcade. This simple and powerful short film continues to resonate, with millions of kids, and grown ups alike!
    The celebration took place on 29th September 2022 at HIXS junior campus. Learners took up the challenge of designing a cardboard costume or accessory with the help of their families and present it to their classmates. Adorning their creations to school, students took up several cardboard construction challenges and made use of the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild, explore their passions and discover new ideas. Indeed creativity is the most important skill of the future, and the Cardboard Challenge turned out to be a powerful tool to foster it through playful learning. Kids learned a host of 21st century skills and attitudes like critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance and teamwork. This worldwide celebration of the genius in every child and the simple things adults can do to foster it, truly strengthened the community.

  • Student Created Applications

    Students of the Middle Programme used their creativity and applied their knowledge to create a range of applications from sentiment analysis bots that can pick on the mood of the image to bots who could suggest a movie based on the genre that interests someone. Not only this they programmed games like Tic Tac Toe and also phone applications that can respond based on the question being asked. Few also created a digital piano that people can use to practice their notes.

  • Standing Tall

    Students in the Primary years were asked to think and create the tallest structures they could using different products available in their homes. This gave them a sense of how tall structures in real life maintain their stability and balance.

  • Thinking in 3D

    Students created their dream rooms using different applications like CAD and also some products like mugs. This initiated them to think in 3D and visualise the world the way it is and not only in two dimensions.

  • Sustainable Cities with Minecraft

    Students created sustainable cities using Minecraft with features like rainwater harvesting, solar panels, roof top green areas, walking and cycling paths, compost pits, centres for mental and physical wellbeing to name a few. They applied what they learnt about features of sustainable cities and gave it a tangible shape through the use of technology having lots of fun at the same time.

  • Global Maker Day

    HIXS Primary Programme students celebrated the Global Maker Day on the 11th and 12th October'21 by participating in a variety of activities that had been planned for them by the Makers Team. Students had loads of fun as they came up with and visualized solutions to the challenges that were put forward. They traded for resources that they would need in the Maker Market and then designed, coded and created prototypes using tools of their choice. The creative energy was palpable as the children went about giving shape to their solutions. It was a pleasure to see them work together and support each other's ideas and efforts. There was lots of imagining, mental stretching, assembling, dismantling, creating, collaborating and sharing and the students loved every moment of it.

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