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Literary and Art Works

  • "Imaginations Unleashed" with "Top Notch Tales" about "Enchanted Realms"

    Enthusiastic writers and budding authors from HIXS Middle & Senior School recently participated in the Scholastic Writers Academy Programme and have now emerged as published authors.

    Congratulations Advik Sud (Grade 7), Ambar Sethi (Grade 8), Tanay Mohan (Grade 9), Saanvi Bhalla (Grade 6), Sia Bagaria (Grade 6), Elena Singh (Grade 7), Ritvik Pahwa (Grade 7), Amishi Sharma (Grade 6), Raya Kejriwal (Grade 7) and Agastya Singh Yadav (Grade 8).

    These talented writers have been selected, mentored and published under the Scholastic Writers Academy Programme with their short stories being published into beautiful anthologies.

    The Scholastic Writers Academy Programme aims to identify and nurture talented writers from across the country. This 10-day mentorship programme, under the able guidance of Literacy Experts, helps writers hone their skills, provides them with a reader's perspective and molds them into becoming published authors. During the journey, our students not only received guidance in the right direction but also got a platform to transform their imagination into ink on paper.

  • One Mystery, One Boy, One Dream

    At just 11 years of age, Kaira Dayal from Grade 6, is a young talent with a vivid imagination. As a passionate storyteller, Kaira got the idea for this book when she was 10 years old. Sparked by her love for thrilling mysteries and her belief in the power of small actions leading to significant outcomes, Kaira has attempted to accentuate her creative writing skills through this book. Uncover the mysterious fateful night that changed everything for Anthony, the protagonist, that sets him on an incredible journey, filled with challenges. The key to uncovering the truth? Pursuing the dreams, from the small to the monumental.

  • Letters I Can't Post!

    Grateful for the many wonders that grace our world, Zindagi Bhayana from Grade 3 embarked on a journey of expressing her thanks through letters. This book is a beautiful compilation of her heartfelt poems, a tribute to the beauty of nature and the world that surrounds us.

  • The Beautiful World

    This short collection of poems delves into the beautiful imaginative mind of a child and the limitless creativity that they hold. With her first book, Anya Kumar of Grade 3 not only established herself as a published author but also won the prestigious Emily Dickinson Award for her exemplary work.

  • The Enigma of Words

    Abhigyan Ashish (Grade 10) and Sehaj Sidhu (Grade 11) recently established themselves as published authors with their short stories being published into a beautiful anthology titled “The Enigma of Words”. This golden opportunity came through the Scholastic Writers’ Academy Programme that not only offered guidance in the right direction to our students but also provided a platform to transform their imagination into ink on paper.

  • The Goldfish Bowl

    Writer, musician, and activist Aarushi Godika from Grade 12 recently established herself as a poet through her latest publication 'The Goldfish Bowl'. The book is a collection of poetry, photography, and other pieces designed, written, and shot with intensive creativity. Its various pieces explore enduring narratives and experiences that encompass the themes of loss, neglect, love, anarchy, and many more.

  • Gul -Poems and illustrations
    Gul -Poems and illustrations
    Vrinda Malik (2 A)
  • The Boy Who Loves Numbers
    The Boy Who Loves Numbers
    Laksh Narayanan (1 B)
  • Fifty Shades of Food

    A recipe book, made by the club leaders of Grillz and Chillz. This recipe book includes recipes given by teachers and students of the international program. The first edition of this recipe book will be out by the end of July and will consist of 10 appetizing recipes that our students and teachers tried during the COVID-19 lockdown.

    Fifty Shades of Food
    Culinary club students (Grades 8 -12) headed by Dhun Nischal, Aryan Arora and Tanishqa Bedi
  • The Quantum-Plator: HIXS’ First STEM Newsletter

    In an attempt to ignite the scientific curiosity among students of the school, 5 11th graders came up with the idea of a newsletter that focuses specifically on STEM.

    The Quantum-Plator: HIXS’ First STEM Newsletter
    Aryan Arora, Abhay Anand, Neil Goyal, Satvik Narang and Tonmoi Singh (Grade 11)
  • The Senior School Newsletter

    This publication is handled by our student editorial board. Even under the lockdown our students continued to grow, learn, laugh and cry with each other as a family and this newsletter is a proof of that. The school community of students, teachers and parents have grown closer together as they strive to support each other in every kind of situation. "The Senior School Express" is an endeavour to strengthen this connection and share all the latest news, views, learnings and achievements of our HIXS community.

    The Senior School Newsletter
    HIXS Senior School Express - By Student Editorial Board headed by Tisya Singha and Tiesta Dangwal (Grade 12)
  • Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope

    In continuation to the Celestia Chronicles series, Grade 9 student Anagha Ratish recently published her third book - 'Celestia Chronicles Ashes of Hope'. This is her second book in the Celestia Chronicles trilogy. The critically acclaimed book is a charming masterpiece filled with twists. It is a spell bounding fantasy novel enriched with themes of friendship, loyalty, courage and morality. As a self-motivated teenager, Anagha wants children to learn how to change and be agile in this ever-changing world.

  • Theme - Chaos
    Theme - Chaos
    Ahladita Bansiwal (Cohort of IBDP 2021)
  • Theme - Balance
    Theme - Balance
    Anannyaa Kapur (Cohort of IBDP 2021)
  • Theme – The Journey of Life
    Theme – The Journey of Life
    Soumya Sharma (Cohort of IBDP 2021)
  • Wall Murals
    Wall Murals
    "Four Freedoms" Wall Mural by Grade 8 Students
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